Abraham Charara

Software Engineer & Developer

Cleveland Cliffs
Automation Engineer
VR Developer
Over the summer of 2022, I interned for 3 months at the Dearborn Works steel mill under Cleveland Cliffs. I learned so much there thanks to my coworkers and manager, especially when it comes to proper communication in a professional work environment and onboarding. On this page, I talk about the roles and work that I did for the mill in my short time.
UNIX and Vi
The automation systems at the mill run on an operating system that was popular at the time of its inception, Unix. We used the text editor, Vi, to make updates to the code in Unix, which was written entirely in C. Most of my work revolved around adding new information to reports that were generated daily and emailed out to people who needed them. I would regularly access the database of information on work orders via SQL. I would then get the information that I need by implementing queries into the code. Finally, I would use the information to create new content for the report. This could mean either displaying the new information directly, or creating new functions, performing calculations, and rewriting parts of the original code for my additions to fit in properly.
Unity and VR
Due to my previous experience in game development, I was assigned to kickstart an employee VR simulation project for the mill. This simulation would be used to train new employees to prevent expensive mistakes in the future. The first thing I did was write out a short and sweet document about the exact tools we'll need (both hardware and software) and why we'll need them. While I had plenty of experience in Unreal Engine up to this point, I knew that Unity would be a better fit for the project in the long run. Once the items had arrived, I immediately began learning the basics of Unity's VR development tools. I had also approached my manager with the idea of going out the mill and interviewing the workers whose jobs I would be simulating. From this visit, I wrote down everything the workers had said about the job as well as took many pictures and videos of the location that I would later use as reference for the visuals. With the little time I had left in the internship, I first decided to compile the interview notes and media into an easily digestible slide show. I then wrote out a document with everything I had learned about using Unity with VR, as well as the next steps for the project. Lastly, I threw all of this together in one zip file to share with my coworkers and manager. This way, the project can be picked up exactly where I left off without any confusion and none of my work goes to waste.